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Post by Angelcakes on Tue Aug 02, 2011 6:35 pm

In the past 2 days iv given advice about dehydration in snakes

There is a couple of ways that you can tell is this is the case with your snake

1) Lightly pinch the scales.. if they return to normal then you snake is normal fine ... but if they stay stood up then there could be a case of dehydration

2) Dents in th eye caps... can be a sign of dehydration

And its so easy to help your snake back to hydration ...

1) Go out get yourself a few bottles of blue powerade

2) Get a rub (plastic tub with lid) that will fit your snake and let it move about

3) A heat mat that will cover half the rub

4) Temp guage with probe

Now the dilution of this is 75% powerade to 25%water.... ... how much you use depends on the size of rub use.... remember use warm water

1) Place the diluted powerade into the rub

2) Place rub half over the heat mat and switch heat mat on

3) Place temp guage probs into the water and heat water up to 27-28Oc... nice and warm with out cooking the snake

4) Place snake into the rub close lid....

5) Let the snake swim about for 15-20 mins to rehydrate

6) Take snake out and wash the resadue off the snakes skin as leaving it on can cause more harm than good Smile

7) Place nicely hydrated snake but in its house

Oh and why blue.... its better for electrolytes

Hope this helps and remember is just advice

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