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Post by Synergy on Mon Jul 25, 2011 12:51 am

Here Are The Rules Of Global Reptile Forums.

The Admin expect you to follow these rules at all times. Failure to do so will result in a suitable punishment.
All Admin/mods decisions are final, and repeat offenders will be banned. In using this forum you agree to the following:

- The language of The Global Reptile Forums is English, and nothing else.
- Please make sure you post in the correct forum.
- Search before you post to prevent duplicate topics.
- Post a kind comment in the thread if you like the post
- Help out the new members if they are unsure or need assistance.
- This is a community, no flaming is appreciated, are allowed.
- The use of a proxy ip address is a bannable offense, no questions asked.

Rules & Considerations Of The Classifieds

Please do not make posts that are not regarding the sale, stuff like "I would buy that, but I don't have any money" and "if only you were nearer". Please also do not disrupt sales with unwanted or negative opinions with stuff like "that's nice, but it seems a bit expensive to me" and "I thought I saw one cheaper over there". Posts like this will be removed and a 10 day infraction will be given, after 3 infractions are given you will be automatically banned for 1 day.

Please ensure you use thread prefixes to help others who are using the classifieds. For searchers: check the display options at the bottom of any classified forum to filter the prefixes by area.

We do not allow any sort of competitions/raffles that give away a live animal as a prize.
We do not allow classified ads for weapons, or anything else that could be used as a weapon.
We do not allow copied games or any other copyright items to be sold.
Do not bump other users classifieds just to get your post count up.
If you bump your thread excessively it will be locked, not more than once in 24 hours.
Do not spam the classifieds, only one ad per item please.
If you prove to be a consistently bad seller you will be banned from the classifieds.
If you are found to be selling for a member who has received a classified ban, you will receive one yourself. (this may or may not be reviewed at a later time)
If your advert is offering a swap, it must go in the relevant forum for what is being offered.

Your Ad Format

Please consider the format of your post to make life easier for people searching the classifieds.
Use the thread prefix to display your location.
If collection only, add this with your town in the title.
List the price or conditions of the sale and any other costs involved.
Confirm delivery/collection options to the buyer.
Always add a picture of whatever you are selling, people WILL ask.

Tips For Safe Trading

Global Reptile Forums do not accept responsibility for any adverts or transactions on these forums. We will do our best to remove any known scammers and monitor adverts daily. These tips are intended to help transactions go smoothly, but are not a guarantee against scammers or time-wasters.
Check the buyers/sellers I-Trader rating before making a transaction.
Always try get a land-line telephone number and address of a seller.
Always pay by Paypal if possible. Avoid sending cash through the post.
Do NOT send payment as 'gift' through Paypal, you will not be able to claim if things go wrong. ( If you choose to you do so at your own risk )
Ask for photos of what you are buying to prove condition of item, ask lots of question before committing to a purchase.
If meeting people alone, try to meet in a public place and make sure people know where you are going.
If requesting postage by courier confirm which courier the seller is using. Sending of live animals by Royal Mail is illegal and unethical.
Do not be offended if a seller requests a deposit. No one likes having their time-wasted and a deposit can help stop this.


- Advertising a forum through the PM system is forbidden. Users found doing so, however minor the case may be, will be banned without warning.
- Advertising a forum through the posting system is not allowed. The only time another sites URL is allowed is if its not get any connections to any other forums and if we find out it dose have links to other forums, your posts will be deleted and your account possibly banned. so please make sure u check your site for links to any forums.

If you see a user violating the Advertising rules of a forum, please contact the Staff immediately.


- No offensive images.
- No advertising in your avatar for other forums.
- Make sure your avatar has a point.

- Your signature can consist of a maximum of one image
- Text must be limited to a size no bigger than 2
- If your signature image has to be re-sized, it's too big, and is not allowed
- Advertising a forum through your signature is not allowed. The only time another sites URL is allowed is if its not get any connections to any other forums and if we find out it dose have links to other forums, your signature will be deleted and your account possibly banned. so please make sure u check your site for links to any forums.
- Please do not RIP other peoples Sig's and claim them as your own.

- No flaming, No bad language will be tolerated, or threatening other members.
- Make an active contribution to the thread and continue the chat.
- Don't go Off-topic in a thread, stick to the purpose of the thread.
- Make sure the thread topic is clear and precise on the purpose of the conversation.

The forum Global Reptile Forums and the forum owner Synergy will not be held responsible for incidents of copy right in posts as this can not be accurately moderated. Each forum member is responsible for posting non copyright material. Any complaints regarding members posting copyright material may result in a permanent ban from the forum, If you have a complaint regarding copyright material or have seen someone post your own copyright material please direct your complaint to a member of the forum admin or a forum moderator..

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